About Us

Who We Are

We are a volunteer not-for-profit group made up of working professionals.

We want to create a network of highly motivated professionals built on trust, openness, collaboration and integrity who share our vision and beliefs.

We do this through regular seminars, workshops and social media.

Our Vision

We want people to reach their full human potential.

(If we are all the best of what we are then the world is a better place.)
You happier on an individual level and as a whole world collectively we’re better off.

Our Mission

“To create an Australian workplace where professionals combine their skills with meaningful connections and cultural intelligence to realise their human potential.”

Cultural Intelligence: A person’s ability to understand the impacts in the work environment of ideas, behaviours and beliefs originating from a person belonging to a particular social, ethnic, or age group (ie culture) and being able to leverage those differences to maximise the results for an organisation.
Human Potential: Is going beyond self-imposed limitations and fully utilising ones capacity and capabilities – to become the best one possibly can be. Through the process of striving to achieve unsurpassed levels of excellence, a person ultimately discovers their purpose and fulfils their contribution to humanity.

Our Objectives

• Inform

We want to empower young professional with the tools for success, expose them to new ideas, old wisdom and everything in between that you cannot learn from textbooks.

• Connect

We want to connect young professionals to experienced mentors, inspired thought leaders and determined up-and-comers. We seek to create a trusted, supportive network with meaningful connections that will last a lifetime.

• Inspire

We want to inspire young professionals with tales of personal triumph, to liberate them from fear, and to uncover the deep motivations to unleash their human potential.

Our Beliefs

• We believe in a workplace where the individual would be appreciated for their holistic value that one brings in the hyper-connected global economy.

• We believe that we are facing an impending crisis of productivity, with the onset of the ageing population worldwide and increasing competition, challenges which can only be met through unleashing the human potential.

• We believe that our most valuable resource is the human resource, however it is still grossly misallocated and under-utilised today.

• We believe we are all meant to shine, the power is not just in some of us, but in all of us.

• We believe in making an investment in the leaders of tomorrow

• We believe that in unleashing this human potential, people will have a more holistic success – personal and professional.

• We believe that when we unleash human potential, we create a better world.