About Us


Our Vision

We want people to reach their full potential.

If we are at our best, the world is a better place.

Our Mission

To help diverse professionals reach their full potential in the Australian workplace.


Our Objectives


PDF shares honest advice and practical wisdom that can’t be learnt from a textbook.


PDF connects you with other aspiring professionals who share a focus on personal professional development.

• Inspire

PDF inspires you with presentations by successful professionals who have overcome great challenges, seized opportunities, and discovered their purpose.


Who We Are

We are a voluntary network of working professionals helping our peers achieve practical career success.

What We Do

We organise seminars, networking events and social media discussion consistent with our objectives. Our forums discuss challenging workplace issues and opportunities in an open and candid environment.

What We Believe

• The success of our diverse workforce is not just about technical expertise, but insight, relationships, emotional and cultural intelligence.

• We need to focus on the diversity of thought, an inclusive culture and honest dialogue to best realise the true value of our diverse workforce.

• With the global competition intensifying, we cannot maintain our quality of life unless our workforce can become more productive.

• Australia’s workforce is still some way from realising its potential.

• We all need to prepare for the future by investing in our ourselves and others today

Who We Do It For

• Are you an aspiring but atypical leader?

• Do you have a strong desire to contribute more?

• Are you prepared to work hard and take responsibility for your own career?

If you answered yes to all of the above, we are keen to help you develop professionally regardless of, and even capitalising on your gender, cultural background, personality and workplace style.