We are a volunteer not-for-profit group dedicated to help diverse young professionals find fulfillment in the modern workplace.

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We Help Young professionals reach their full potential

We form a network of support by pushing each other to lead a happier, more fulfilling life. We continue to inform, connect and inspire by inviting thought leaders as speakers to our webinars, podcast and video interviews.

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Our Featured Guest Speaker

David Thodey AO

Chairman of Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Tyro and Xero.

David Thodey AO is one of the most influential business leaders in Australia, perhaps best known for the incredible customer-centric transformation during his leadership as the CEO of Telstra.


These are the lessons that underpin good leadership. Topics such as discovering one’s purpose, what kind of values does a good leader uphold. How to create a vision of the future, how to motivate and inspire others into action. Understanding the dynamics of power and politics. How to build a team in order to deliver on that vision.


These are topics to promote genuine intellectual diversity, what it is, why it matters and ways to achieve it. We look at skillsets that facilitates diversity such as cultural competency and advocacy, as well as the common pitfalls when we pursue it.

Soft Skills

Soft skills relate to how you work, include communication, listening, time management, empathy, among others. Understanding why it is important and how it impacts one’s effectiveness, and strategies to acquire these skills.


These are the topics relating to the mindset required for success, whether it be resilience, risk-taking, underlying beliefs, overcoming the victim mentality, growth mindset etc. Understanding mental wellbeing and recognising the alarm bells.


These are the topics to do with job seeking and career strategy such as interview skills, resume writing, managing your brand, strategic networking and how to negotiate for better roles, performance reviews and remuneration.


These are the stories of inspiration and perspiration, seeing around the corner and having the courage to go against the flow. What you need to consider when making the shift from a traditional career into entrepreneurship, and success stories from non-traditional careers.

Our Objectives


We want to empower young professional with the tools for success, expose them to new ideas, old wisdom and everything in between that you cannot learn from textbooks.


We want to connect young professionals to experienced mentors, inspired thought leaders and determined up-and-comers. We seek to create a trusted, supportive network with meaningful connections that will last a lifetime.


We want to inspire young professionals with tales of personal triumph, to liberate them from fear, and to uncover the deep motivations to unleash their potential.

What we do


We organise events featuring riveting conversations from speakers with unique and interesting perspectives.


We provide opportunities to meet like-minded people who also seek to improve themselves

Social Media

We share what we learnt on social media to engage in a meaning discussion around career challenges and opportunities


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