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Who we are

Professional Development Forum (PDF) was established to help diverse young professionals find fulfillment in the modern workplace.

What we believe

  • We believe that everyone, not the elite few, should have access to the knowledge, mindset and network to develop themselves.
  • We believe that by becoming the best version of ourselves, we lead a happier, more fulfilling life and inspire those around us to do the same.
  • We run events that inform, connect and inspire, and we share what we learnt with our community

How PDF started

Our story

About a decade ago, I felt like I was treading water in my career, lost and directionless. 

A few friends were in the same boat and we felt we had to do something. 

The solution? We got into a room with the most successful person we knew at the time. 

She shared her inspirational journey and the secrets to her success, the kind of wisdom that you cannot learn from a textbook.

The Professional Development Forum (PDF) was born.

We wanted to help diverse young professionals find fulfillment in the modern workplace.

As the pandemic hit, we had to move our events online. 

The silver lining was that we are now more accessible than ever before, having people join us from all over Australia and around the world.

Consistent with our beliefs, we share what we have learnt via social media, our youtube channel and podcast.

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