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3 questions to reflect and recalibrate this 2021

Recession, pandemic, digital disruption – what is the ‘positive’ outcome of the 3 events? Change. How do we build confidence in times of uncertainty and be comfortable with change? As change is the only constant in life, what we could control is the switch of perception. Whilst it may be naïve to see the world in a rose-tinted glass, understanding which changes are here to stay will continue to be a priority for individuals and businesses in 2021.

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Professional Development

Networking: It’s not who you know…it’s who knows you!

There was a time when networking meant collecting as many business cards as you could, to build your ‘network’. I remember those days. In fact, that was my goal for many years and I felt that I was very successful at it. I had collected many business cards from some very high profile and influential people.

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Professional Development

Your Optimal Reply When Asked, “What Do You Do?” Is 2 Short Sentences

“So, what do you do?”

You’ll hear that question a zillion times in your career but have you conceived of even one good answer? Few people have.

The answer seems simple, easy, straightforward: I’m in finance…IT…accounting…sales…(fill in the blank).
But those are generic, bland, non-descriptive, unhelpful replies. They don’t reveal what you actually do.

The questioner asks for a verb, you give an adjective. They seek enlightenment, you obscure. They seek information, you supply a label. The listener wants a picture, you give a grunt. You help neither yourself nor your listener with truncated answers.

Time to get it right.

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